Hello! I'm Weston, a transmanTransgender Man - born female-bodied,
(aka Assigned Female at Birth)
with a male gender identity
(internal sense of who I am)
with a plan

I created a short video (below) sharing my journey through life to not only come out and transition, but also to love and accept myself as a transgender man.

If you've seen the video, you may be wondering what the next step is.

Ditch the Lady Bits

I still have baby-making/housing partsuterus and ovaries and the longer I take testosterone (T), the greater my risk of cancer in said parts. It's recommended to get these organs of replication removed within 5 years of starting T. Since I started in October of 2010, I'm overdue - it's been nearly five and a half years! So I'd like to get handled.

It's not just the cancer risk that's motivating me to get surgery. Having female junk has always felt wrong, weird, uncomfortable, disconcerting, icky, unwanted, out-of-place, foreign, awkward, unbearable... quite simply, like it just didn't belong. So I'm eager to eighty-six it!

I've found a surgeon who will not only purge me of my female units, but who will also masculinize my remaining anatomy, all in one procedure!

A package deal, if you will. (I couldn't resist)

So, why have I waited so long?

It's not cheap. The self-pay cost is over $40,000, and that's just for the surgery. That doesn't include multiple pre-op appointments, rental car and lodging for 2 weeks in San Francisco, missing 3-5 weeks of income at work, travel expenses for myself and a caretaker, prescriptions... you get the idea.

So what about insurance?

The vast majority of insurance companies (including here in Utah) consider this a cosmetic surgery. Meaning, they don't cover it.

Of course this is ridiculous considering the growing body of evidence supporting the biological nature of gender, including research findings at Boston University Medical Center, medical journal publications, studies, brain scans, articles, more research, etc. Not to mention the anecdotal evidence, not only from trans people themselves, but from parents and caregivers of transgender children as well. But, in all fairness, insurance companies are ridiculous for a plethora of reasons, not just for excluding trans people! But I digress.

So basically, I can't get insurance that will cover my surgery while I'm living in Utah.

BUT, like I said, I'm a man with a plan

I've decided to move to California so I can get the insurance I need to get my gender confirmation surgery.

I know it may seem a little extreme to uproot my life and move to another state just to have surgery, but it's the only way I can see to make it happen. And my life is in a place right now where this is actually doable.

While it is significantly cheaper with this method, I still need to raise $15,000 to make this really happen, so I've been doing some fundraising and accepting donations. The image above shows my progress toward my goal. As you can see, I still have a long way to go, but I'm not giving up! If you'd like to help, you can donate here.

I'm so excited to take this huge step in making my body more congruent with my mind. It has been a long, challenging road, but I'm learning to enjoy the ride and embrace my journey. Thank you for letting me share part of it with you.

<3 Weston